Acupuncture Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a disorder with the main symptoms being obsessions and compulsions that may occur for at least an hour every day, causing distress.

People who suffer from OCD experience obsessions, are uncontrollable impulses or with thoughts disturbing, unwanted, or intrusive. They make the patients feel discomfort or anxiety to the extent of not being able to continue with their daily routine. OCD patients cannot filter what comes to mind, especially thoughts about germs and public places.

Compulsions also come in the form of rituals or repetitive actions that serve as the patients’ outlet from the distress triggered by obsessions. For example, a person with OCD tends to check and recheck the locks on their doors and windows a number of times before feeling at ease. Aside from their physical manifestations, there are also mental compulsions that cannot be seen outwardly. These mental rituals may even be more bothersome than the physical ones.

Unfortunately, people with OCD usually take on their problem alone and in silence, not knowing that they are already dealing with a neurobiological problem. This is why many of them miss the fact that they actually control their symptoms using an effective treatment, such as acupuncture.

Mental Health Concept Person Head Shattered To PiecesHow Acupuncture Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Works?

The main treatment recommended by Western medicine is psychotherapy. It guides the patient to think and behave in various situations and would advise to take medications, such as an anti-anxiety drug.

But those taking up the traditional Chinese medicine may want to consider acupuncture, among other options such as massage, Qi gong, nutrition, and herbs. It ensures good balance of the energy in the body leading to good health. However, the human body easily loses balance due to lifestyle, diet, injury, stress, quality of stress, emotional tension, and genetics.

Pain, illness, and discomfort happen when the flow of Qi in the body is disrupted. The acupuncturist can help relieve these problematic conditions which are unable to deliver energy and nutrients throughout the entire body.

According to Chinese medicine, OCD is caused by the energy dysfunction of the spirits and kidneys. The kidney is pointed out to be the root of all afflictions as it contains the essence of Jing generating Qi to generate Spirit. If something disrupts this flow, the kidney would lose control and fear would heighten, leading to emotional distress, showing symptoms such as OCD. Acupuncture also considers as an alternative therapy to strengthen the kidneys.

Clinical Studies

In the early 1970s, studies from around the world have shown that acupuncture shows a positive effect in treating mental health disorders, including depression and OCD, when used with herbal treatments and psychotherapy. These clinical studies show that acupuncture relieves the symptoms of mental health disorders. As long as you find an experienced acupuncturist, you can get quality treatment.

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