laser acupuncture painless healing treatment

Acupuncture has been researched and modernized in order to make the treatment comfortable and easy for people. Because acupuncture involves inserting needles into the skin, some people are really apprehensive about this treatment and its results. However, modern techniques of acupuncture are relatively safer and easier on the body.

Laser Acupuncture is an innovative method of stimulating the flow of energy in the body with the help of low-energy laser beams. Rather than using the traditional acupuncture treatment, which involves needles, this is more of a sophisticated method. Beyond the conventional medicine practices, laser treatment is a simpler and relatively painless procedure preferred for an effective remedy of painful complications like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tennis elbow, chronic headache, backache and other complications.

At AcupunctureSg’s clinic in Singapore, we function with a team of acupuncturists having in-depth knowledge of the technique as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people with their pains and aches. With clear understanding of different acupuncture points and their functions, we are able to bring a person back to his normal life.

Acupuncture, in general, requires proficiency and skills. It is also about finesse. However, patients do not understand those things. It is very difficult even for the most skilled needling experts to attract patients for a session of acupuncture. Obviously, fear of needling is real. With laser acupuncture, which doesn’t involve needling, it is now possible to combat fear and get effective treatment.

How does Laser Acupuncture work?

Laser acupuncture works at the cellular level. Following this perspective, low-level lasers will reduce pain and inflammation gradually. This mechanism can be used for bringing changes to the local tissues and the way they respond to cortisol steroid hormone system. Furthermore, it also stimulates proper regeneration of the damaged tissues by gradually increasing the connective tissue activities of fibroblasts.

At the lower level, acupuncture techniques emphasize on both the site of the problem as well as the acu-points (classic meridian type treatment). Depending on the condition of a patient, laser light will be used to penetrate through the skin and accelerate the process of healing.

According to latest research, different color of laser beams has different roles to play. For instance, green laser beam gets absorbed quickly by the surface tissues like blood and skin, and it is mainly used for the surface wounds. Likewise, infrared lasers, which are more popular today, are used for in-depth penetration to the skin, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments.

Laser acupuncturists work by aiming a beam of laser light from a source, called laser tube, onto a specific acupuncture point, to stimulate the same function as acupuncture needles. The red laser beam, which is visible, radiates from neon and helium gases to heat up a specific point in the body. During this procedure, practitioners will hold the beam steadily for some time so that the effect is felt. Some practitioners may also use infrared lasers, which is usually invisible.

Purpose of Using Laser Acupuncture

Laser acupuncture is manly used for two purposes – anesthetic effects and stimulation of acu-points in therapeutic programs. Both these procedures have certain distinct benefits over traditional method of needling. There are many patients who fear needles, especially children. Laser acupuncture can be an increasingly easier and helpful treatment for them. Using lasers make it a noninvasive and aseptic procedure that significantly reduces pain as well as recovery time commonly associated with most invasive treatments. In general, this method can as well be used for treating all the common complaints associated with needle acupuncture.

Whereas laser therapy reduces trauma in patients significantly, and success rate is very high, its effects are mainly restricted to the peripheral points. The acu-points, or meridians, in patient’s feet, ears, and hands often start responding to the laser beams. It is an excellent remedy, more advanced and more effective for people today.

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