Electroacupuncture is yet another variant or derivative of traditional acupuncture used in Chinese medicine practices. These treatments can quickly heal a person by removing obstructions in the flow of Qi, or life force, which is supposedly the leading cause of all disturbances in the system. Of late, these methods are quickly becoming the most widely used complementary and alternative medicine therapies to be used for treatment.

Unlike other methods of acupuncture, electroacupuncture is relatively a new technique to be used.

Electroacupuncture – How does it work?

Electroacupuncture is basically the application of electric current to specific acupoints in the body. This is generally done using alligator clips or electrodes clamped to tiny needles. Once the needles or electrodes are placed in position, a box controlling the current will be turned on and the procedure begins. Each session takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Electroacupuncture creates an overall pulsating effect or sensation in the body, which is not painful. Practitioners use pillows and blankets to make sure patients can comfortably undergo the treatment. After treatment, patients usually feel rejuvenated and totally relaxed. This method of acupuncture contributes to the body in many ways, especially in releasing neurotransmitters and chemicals that signals the nerve cells and triggers pain relief. It naturally benefits the recovery mechanism of the body.

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How is Electroacupuncture different from traditional Acupuncture?

Basically, the difference is only in the process of applying the technique – otherwise, the treatment is same. In case of traditional acupuncture, several fine needles are used for pointing the meridians along the nerves of the body. These needles are attached to a technologically advanced device, which generates electric pulses continuously with the help of small clips. These specially designed devices are primarily used for adjusting the intensity and frequency of impulse that is delivered to a patient depending on treatment and condition to be treated.

In case of electroacupuncture, two needles are used at the same time so as to pass the impulses from one source to another. In this way, several needles, in pairs, will be used for stimulating different parts of the body simultaneously.

One of the greatest advantages of electroacupuncture is that the practitioners need not be precise in inserting the needles unlike acupuncture. Current delivered to the body through these needles can actually stimulate larger area than just one point. Also, electroacupuncture can be performed without using any needle.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, diseases are caused as a result of poor flow of Qi in the body. Acupuncturists are trained to determine whether a patient has proper flow of Qi or not – it can be determined by weaker flow, stagnant flow or complete imbalance. Once determined, it will be possible to connect to the relevant acu-points that should be stimulated to heal a person.

Electroacupuncture is considered especially useful for treating conditions in which qi is accumulated, like chronic pain syndrome, or even in cases wherein Qi can be difficult to release or stimulate.

In America, this form of acupuncture is widely used for treating various conditions – it is an effective pain relieving treatment for all kinds of muscle spasm; it is used for anesthesia; and neurological disorders too. For more information on Electroacupuncture, view the video: