Ear Acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture, also known as auricular acupuncture, is a traditional diagnostic as well as treatment system that are based on balancing dysfunctions of the body by stimulating definite points located in the ears. Basically, the treatment involves inserting needles in to the ears at strategic points to stimulate healing. Auricular therapy is usually incorporated into the standard treatments of traditional Chinese medicine.

Even though ear acupuncture is principally based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, it was only developed during the mid 20th century by Paul Nogier, a French scientist.

Ear Acupuncture Uses

Ear acupuncture is mainly used for improving the flow of life force or vital energy, also called qi and restoring balance between the two opposing sources of energy that complement each other – yin and yang. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these effects are often considered to be essential for treating diseases and rejuvenating good health.

Ear acupuncture is an alternative medical practice that is mainly used for some common health complications like allergies, arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, constipation, headache, fibromyalgia, insomnia, lower back pain, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, it is also beneficial for enhancing mood, smoking cessation, promoting sound sleep, alleviating pain, supporting weight loss and relieving stress.


Ear Acupuncture Benefits

Even though you may not find large-scale research data on the theories of ear acupuncture, there are several studies that show how this therapy can aid in different types of treatments for various health conditions.

For instance, ear acupuncture is a great aid for insomnia. There are many studies that indicate how this type of acupuncture can ease insomnia and promote quality sleep. Results have revealed great benefits and patients have experienced remarkable improvement in their condition.

So far, it has been proven in various cases that acupuncture of the ear offers great relief for smoking. People on their way to quit smoking often require some help to cope with withdrawal symptoms and acupuncture of the ear aids in this process. Smoking cessation, after all, is a gradual process that takes time. With auricular acupuncture, it is possible for people to quit smoking and do it comfortably without any trouble. In addition, the after effects of withdrawal symptoms can also be conquered with prolonged acupuncture sessions.

Ear acupuncture is also an excellent treatment for migraine headaches. Studies have shown how people have benefited from this method of treatment over time. Ear acupuncture, during the first few months of treatment, can lead to significant improvements in the mood and pain.

Post-operative pain is a common cause of concern. Despite all the antibiotics and other medicines, you cannot be free from pain completely. However, ear acupuncture makes this possible. It is the most sought-after remedy for pain management, which includes all kinds of pains. Even back pain, foot pain and sciatica pain can be relieved with ear acupuncture depending on the area of pain and the organs involved.
Ear acupuncture is also an alternative remedy for constipation that doesn’t seem to go away. While the connection is difficult to establish, it is believed that proponents offering this treatment can actually do miracles to a patient.

According to extensive research, auricular acupuncture can reduce pressure at different levels and promote a channelized flow of energy in the body.