Woman measuring her bust size

Acupuncture Breast Enlargement

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the development of women’s breasts is mainly dependent on the normal functioning of the body’s organs such as the liver, kidney and spleen. When the breasts are small or sag or have inverted nipples, it could be associated to the disharmony or disorder of the organs.  The heart and lungs can also indirectly influence breast conditions.

Acupuncture and Breast Size

In China and other Asian countries, acupuncture has been acknowledged as the finest breast enlargement treatment for more than 30 years. The well-known celebrities are the first patients and because the process is effective, natural and free from side effects, acupuncture became popular among women who are looking for better cosmetic looking chests. Prior to doing acupuncture, the practitioner will analyze the patient and find out the root cause, which determines the treatment plan. Enhancement of the breasts through acupuncture may be achieved through the following:

  • improving the local lymph and blood circulation
  • promoting breast tissue growth
  • improving skin elasticity and strengthening the ligaments
  • restoring sex, emotional, and hormonal balance
  • improving the nutrition, general/gynecological well-being

What Breast Conditions Can Be Treated By Acupuncture?

Breast implant surgery is the common method used by many women today to enlarge their breast sizes, but the results are not always positive.  Many times a patient can experience complications such as bleeding, infection, scarring, immune reaction, deflation or rapture, capsular contracture and removal/replacement. Acupuncture breast enlargement, in contrast has no or little side effects, no scars and totally pain-free. Women between the ages 16 to 55 can receive the treatment for conditions, such as, small breasts, unequal breasts, inverted nipples and sagging.

Women who are suffering from breast cancer, severe immune deficient disease and blood coagulation disorder are not recommended to undergo breast enhancement through acupuncture or any other method of enlarging the breasts for that matter.

breastTechniques Used In Enlarging the Breasts

The breasts are enlarged by using mainly acupuncture, although Chinese herbal formula and moxibustion may also be used if required.  Moxibustion is a technique in traditional Chinese medicine that aims to facilitate healing through burning of mugwort (moxa), a small and spongy herb.

The success of the results ais based on the insights and expertise of the provider, because there should be a correct diagnosis, right selection of acupuncture points and needling techniques. The number of sessions required to achieve positive results may vary from 8-24 weeks, but should start with at least 2 sessions per week.  The frequency of sessions is gradually tapered down to once a month.  Some cases may required additional sessions.

The result of acupuncture breast enlargement may not be as dramatic as the surgical implantation.  After 2-6 months of treatment, acupuncture may effect change in cup size of from none to A, or A to B, A to C and so on. The differences in results may be caused by generic factors, the patient’s overall health conditions and her sensitivity to acupuncture.  The results, however, are stable and can make the patient feel younger, healthier, more confident and thus happier.

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