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Acupuncture Vertigo

People suffering from vertigo have an illusion that their world, and the environment, is moving, or they are always moving according to their environment. Vertigo is a typical condition having its roots in a person’s peripheral nervous system. For instance, a disorder in the internal ear like Meniere’s disease can cause benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV. Even conditions like vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis may be responsible. Vertigo may be caused due to pathology in central vertigo like ischemia, haemorrhages, infection, trauma or CNS tumours. Regardless of the cause, Acupuncture Vertigo treatment is supposedly the most effective therapy for relief.

Characteristics Symptoms of Vertigo 

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing practice that is commonly used in China as well as various Asian countries. It is an excellent aid for dizziness caused due to imbalances affecting the body. Acupuncture is even used for restoring balance as well as alleviating symptoms.

Dizziness is the most common sign of vertigo that leaves patients in a debilitating condition. Dizziness, according to medical terms, is defined as a range of typical sensations like loss of balance, faintness, and the sensation of motion. In most of the cases, vertigo is caused when the nerves in the auris interna or inner ear aren’t functioning as it should, thereby disrupting the ability of the brain to perceive motion accurately. Severe vertigo is often debilitating, and can lead to imbalance and vomiting.

Since a certain imbalance is pinpointed as the cause of vertigo, Acupuncture Vertigo therapy is obviously the best answer. Acupuncture is also about unlocking the blockages and clearing those imbalances that cause physical symptoms. For instance, excess phlegm accumulation or blood stagnation can have varied symptoms. In order to treat those symptoms, acupuncturists will use thin sterile needles made of solid metal to apply puncture to those specific parts on the skin, which correspond to the affected organ. Acupuncture points are present in the body, lying as meridians throughout the body, and interacting with our system.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Vertigo

As thin needles are placed into precise body parts, it stimulates the immune system, thereby increasing overall wellness of a person. Acupuncturists say that there is a meridian system in the body comprising of 14 energy ducts that work in the form of pathways, leading to the internal organ.

There are countless benefits of acupuncture treatment for vertigo, which may reduce or even relieve signs and symptoms. Vertigo is usually caused by complications of the ears or brains. Acupuncture works by opening up those blocked zones in the brain or ears, and gives instant relief to patients. However, in case of chronic vertigo, series of acupuncture sessions may be needed for better results.

There may be many causes of vertigo, each of which differs from one patient to another. Acupuncture is the only healing technique that starts treating the cause of this condition so that complete relief is possible. Patients can either use acupuncture for vertigo or can combine acupuncture with other conventional Western methods of treatment. In case of bacterial infections, a combination of antibiotics as well as acupuncture may be needed.

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