Acupuncture Varicose Veins

A varicose vein is a disorder of the veins in the legs, wherein the affected veins are swollen, enlarged, bulging, dilated, or winding. These veins are usually red, blue, purple, or even black in color. In more serious cases, the veins in the lower extremities would swell to the extent that they would appear like earthworms. Those who suffer from this condition usually experience symptoms, such as a feeling of heaviness, a burning sensation, weakness, cramps, pain, and tiredness in the affected leg. If left untreated, this may lead to other skin problems, such as thrombosis, sclerosis, open sores, and phlebitis. Before it’s too late, you might want to consider getting acupuncture.

Why Try Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a one of the ancient healing arts under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is one of the effective treatments for varicose veins caused by blood stagnation in the one-way valves in the legs. Stagnant blood stops proper blood circulation in the body, just like what happens with a blocked pipe. This usually happens due to obesity, heredity, improper diet, pregnancy, long standing or walking, or heavy lifting. The condition is more common among women.

Acupuncture NeedlesWith the help of acupuncture, blood and Chi, or energy flows, are re-distributed all throughout the body, correcting poor blood circulation. This is possible as the acupuncturist inserts needles, stimulating the stagnant blood in the blocked veins and neighboring blood vessels to move. The practitioner will choose the relevant acupuncture points that will help deliver blood to the legs. Imagine how water in a blocked pipe suddenly starts flowing due to the forceful water supply. After removing the blockage, your energy will improve, strengthening the immune system in the process, which is another benefit to acupuncture therapy.

Patients merely reported feeling a small pinprick once the needles are in place. They also felt a tingling sensation, heaviness, weariness, or pressure on the target meridians, the part where the needles are inserted. However, these effects are usually temporary. The heavy feeling and itch felt are quite normal and are expected due to the sudden movement of the deposited blood in the peripheral blood vessels and veins in the legs. The treatment should continue until the stagnant blood is completely cleared with increased blood flow. This is usually signified by the lightened color of the veins, which will continue to improve over time, as the blocked veins are filled with fresh, healthy blood. The affected veins will also become more flexible and elastic once more, until the ugly varicose veins disappear.

Spider veins, the web-like blue or red veins found on the surface of the skin on the face or legs, can also be treated with acupuncture. Acupuncturists will use sairaku shiraku, using fine, hair-like filiform types of needles, plum-bosomed needles, three-edged needles, and medical lancets. They will pierce the skin, apply suction cups over each acupuncture point to encourage blood flow, or use their hands to squeeze blood out of the veins.

Patients who suffer from severe burning sensations, pains, and cramps due to their varicose veins may need more acupuncture sessions. The practitioner will continue to treat them until their condition and overall health improves.

acupuncture2-300x195Relevant Studies

A recent research suggested that acupuncture could help relieve the pain and reduce the size of the varicose veins after five sessions every week, without any side effects.

Varicose veins may also be caused by certain lifestyle factors. That’s why acupuncturists may also recommend eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly to enjoy proper blood circulation to improve or prevent varicose veins. Acupuncture can help patients with varicose veins by encouraging proper blood circulation after correcting the blockage caused by stagnant blood, and does so without side effects.

Although the use of acupuncture in treating varicose veins still requires more in-depth research, the relief that the patients get from getting this alternative treatment is more than helpful. What’s important is that it helps, without the risk of side effects. Thus, the reputation of the treatment centre is extremely important. AcupunctureSg is the leading provider for reputable acupuncture services.

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