Acupuncture Tennis Elbow

Professional athletes and people who perform strenuous work day in and day out suffer from a condition called Preconditions, commonly known as tennis elbow. Pain in the elbow region is caused by muscle inflammation in the forearm. Due to the repetitive movement of wrist or frequent rotation movement of the forearm, the tendons may be stressed causing pain. Conventional treatment for tennis elbow involves use of medications, heat treatment, braces and physical therapy. Even though conventional treatment can provide temporary relief from pain, it doesn’t provide complete solution to the problem. Acupuncture for tennis elbow provides permanent cure by treating the pain and preventing recurrence of pain. At our clinic, we regularly perform acupuncture treatments for various individuals, offering excellent relief from recurring pain.

Why Acupuncture is the best solution?

Physiotherapy ExercisesWhen your job involves a lot of hand movement, you are bound to suffer from tennis elbow at some point of time. Western medication can only give you relief as long as you take the medicines. Repeated use of arms will make the problem a recurring one and as a result, you’ll suffer from chronic pain time and again. According to a recent study, about 77% of the patients experienced immediate relief from elbow pain after just three sessions at the acupuncture clinic. Generally, acupuncture sessions at our clinic won’t last more than thirty minutes even in patients with chronic pain. Our acupuncturists will devise a customized treatment plan according to your body condition and pain.

For pain relief, acupuncture is the best solution and it is approved by western medicine too. Many patients start with combination treatment using acupuncture as alternative treatment along with drugs. Within a few sessions, they will appreciate the power of acupuncture and spend their time and money on needle insertion treatments, rather than western medicines. At our clinic, we have treated several patients with acute pain and they have reported excellent development in their condition. We only employ trained and certified acupuncturists to plan for private sessions with our clients at AcupunctureSg.

Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow Is a Powerful Tool

When patients come to our clinic with minor symptoms like stiffness, weakness and unusual awareness of the elbow, we can provide complete cure with acupuncture for tennis elbow. We have also treated patients already wearing braces and taking cortisone shots. With our treatment, you can easily avoid the need for surgery and also prevent the recurrence of pain in the forearm.

  • Acupuncture treatment works on reducing pain. Pain is a feeling experienced by the brain, when certain nerves are pinched in the body. By manipulating acupuncture points, we can reduce the pain felt and provide relief for those who can’t concentrate on any work due to chronic pain.
  • To cure tennis elbow, inflammation of muscles and tendons must be reduced. By inserting needles at the right points, it is possible to reduce inflammation and swelling. This is the first step towards curing the condition permanently.
  • When muscles are swollen, it constricts blood vessels, limiting the supply of blood. For your body to rejuvenate itself, blood circulation is vital. Acupuncture treatments relax blood vessels, promoting the circulation of blood. When the circulation of blood is improved in the affected area, natural repair process of the human body will take care of curing tennis elbow.
  • Your body’s natural rhythm of self-repair is boosted and promoted with the help of acupuncture treatment. This will accelerate the healing process to quickly alleviate pain.
  • By finding out the reason for tennis elbow, the core problem can be solved by suitably stimulating acupuncture points. Our acupuncturists won’t rest until they ensure that the injury to your elbow is treated and there won’t be recurrence of pain in the future.

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