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Acupuncture Spinal Stenosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine clearly explains acupuncture as one of the most frequently used techniques to balance the life force or energy flow – also called chi or Qi (CHEE) – that flows through the pathways or meridians in the body. By inserting small, sharp needles into specific body points along these pathways, acupuncture practitioners have a firm belief that the overall energy flow can be rebalanced. Contrastingly, most Western practitioners opine that the specific acupuncture points are basically places for stimulating muscles, connective tissues and nerves. Some also believe that as a result of this stimulation, the body’s natural blood flow is increased and painkilling properties are boosted.

Chinese acupuncturists believe that acupuncture is a way to stimulate the precisely defined acupuncture points with the help of fine needles. In modern day acupuncture sessions, initial consultation is the first step to build rapport between the acupuncture specialist and patient to understand the complication and plan treatment. We carry out the introductory phase in an informal manner, so that it helps our patients to speak freely about their problem, pain and complication. Depending on this discussion, we go ahead with our treatment plan. Acupuncture for spinal stenosis is based on the preliminary discussion with patients.

How Does Acupuncture Spinal Stenosis’s Helps?

Unfortunately, people consider acupuncture for spinal stenosis as the last resort after they’ve exhausted all other methods of treatment. This often makes assessment of the therapeutic benefits difficult in certain circumstances. Nevertheless, some research shows that in recent years, in patients with spinal stenosis, acupuncture alters blood flow and blood pressure, which leads to significant improvement in response in patients with spinal stenosis of the lumbar. Acupuncture has profound effect on the sciatic nerve, which increases muscle stimulation.

Acupuncture Spinal StenosisIn patients with prolonged spinal stenosis, the condition is usually progressive due to rapid degeneration o the structures and tissues of the spine, not just an acute trauma. Most of these patients will also have other pathologist or illnesses and dependence on pain relieving drugs increases their chances of adverse reaction. With acupuncture, however, the risk of drug interaction is reduced dramatically.

Acupuncture for spinal stenosis has become an increasingly popular treatment these days. In fact, it is also the most commonly advocated alternative treatment that increases muscle flexibility, stability and strength. There is enough evidence to show how effectively acupuncture can relieve pain caused by spinal stenosis. However, the fact is that you have to complete the entire course of treatment to get good results. As acupuncture is a therapy, there are certain requirements for each and every patient, which is often different from others. So, based on your health condition and the advice of our expert acupuncturists, you should follow the treatment plan that will be laid out for you. In a few weeks, you will be able to see how your condition improves for the better.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Spinal Stenosis

As osteoarthritis is a very common problem these days, especially by the time a person is 50 years of age, it is really not possible to prevent spinal stenosis. However, proper care and effective measures can be taken to maintain your symptoms. Acupuncture for spinal stenosis is also an effective technique for managing your condition. Benefits of acupuncture are not just limited to treating the cause, but it is also equally effective in managing a patient’s condition for years. In case of painful conditions like spinal stenosis, it is possible to continue acupuncture for a specific period of time, as recommended by our ace acupuncturists and maintain good health. With acupuncture, it is also possible to maintain proper posture, healthy weight and manage other health complications.

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