Acupuncture Snoring

Snoring is an equally innocuous and an annoying phenomenon. Nonetheless, it could be a mental, physical or social complication too. Acupuncture Snoring remedies have been much talked about all over the world, especially in Asian countries.

For centuries, human beings have resorted to acupuncture for multiple ailments. It has been used for treating everything, starting from headaches to weight loss. Exactly how acupuncture works for snoring is best known to expert acupuncturists performing this therapy for years. For us, it is a much sought-after remedy that gives relief.

Acupuncture Snoring – The Connection

Acupuncture has been used for treating all kinds of health complications. According to traditional Chinese methods of treatment, it is believed that there are several channels or meridians in the body that carry life force, or energy, throughout the body. It is this life force that keeps us active, healthy and hearty. However, when there is a problem in the life force, such as a blockage due to environmental factors, an overall imbalance is created. It is due to this imbalance that snoring is caused.

Acupuncture can stop snoring by clearing imbalances and opening up blocked nasal passage. Nasal passage blockage is a common complication for patients suffering from chronic allergies or sinusitis. In either case, acupuncture can offer relief over an extended period of time.

Acupuncture Can Remove Environmental Irritants

Sinuses tend to swell as a result of various environmental irritants. As such, it is very important to eliminate those irritants from the system to stop snoring. With the help of acupuncture, proper drainage of irritants is possible, which will prevent recurrent infections. In case if snoring is the result of some structural problem with the sinuses or the tongue, it may require other course of treatment.

TreatmentAcupuncture Can Reduce Mucus in Airways

Mucus present in the airways tends to block the flow of air through the nasal passage, which leads to snoring. Acupuncture, by principle, clears blockages by the method of puncture – needles are punctured through the skin to open up blockages. As such, the sinuses and connecting tissues become free and mucus drains properly. This also reduces inflammation, if any. Acupuncture Snoring therapy also improves blood circulation in the nasal cavity, thereby allowing a person to heal faster. Acupuncture can also improve as well as regulates the immune system.

Qi Deficiency and Snoring

Acupuncture functions on the principle of Qi deficiency, or lack of life force in the body. People with weakened immunity have deficiency, which over-responds to other things. Inflammation associated with allergies or sinusitis is created as a result of two mechanisms – due to blockage of Qi flow or due to deficiency of Qi. Acupuncturists use needling techniques to clear all blockages to cure a person completely.

Chinese therapies and treatment methods are fundamentally based on enhancing overall fluid metabolism, reducing fatty tissue deposits, decreasing phlegm production, improving throat muscle tone and internal organs, and reducing generalized inflammation. With acupuncture, it is possible to achieve all these benefits and the strategies are very simple. Treating snoring from its roots can improve health internally.

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