Acupuncture Shoulder Pain

Chinese doctors and medicine practitioners in the sixteenth century believed that an illness or disease is caused due to a sudden imbalance in the flow of energy. Energy, also called life energy or Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the source of good health and vitality. In acupuncture, tiny, stainless steel needles are the tools to stimulate the 14 major pathways or meridians or energy-carrying channels of the body, which allows the body to either resist or even overcome conditions and illnesses by correcting imbalances.

Acupuncture is known to reduce various pains and aches affecting the body by triggering the body’s chemical releasing its ability to block pain, known as endorphins. There are several acu-points located near our nerves. When these points are stimulated, the nerves can cause dull ache, which also gives a fuller feeling in the muscles. These stimulated muscles, in turn, send signals to the central nervous system, which includes the spinal cord and brain, to release endorphins. Endorphins, together with many more neurotransmitters, block the message of pain from getting delivered up to your brain. This is how acupuncture for shoulder pain is carried out at our clinic by our selected and certified acupuncturists.

Young Man Holding NeckHow Does Acupuncture Shoulder Pain’s Treatment Works?

Western medicine has many courses of treatment for shoulder pain. However, when enormous amounts of painkillers and medicines fail to cure the pain, people come to acupuncturists for a fruitful result. In a few sessions, acupuncture can give you positive effects and relieve your pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always worked like an umbrella term, frequently used to describe various forms of Chinese treatments including acupuncture. At its roots, Chinese medicine aims to treat your health by creating an overall balance in your body. Due to various causes, such as injury, lifestyle habits, genetics, lack of sleep, emotional stress and tension, there’s an overall state of imbalance created in the body. In case of treatment for shoulder pain, it is very important to eliminate stagnation, which causes pain. Stagnation can be defined as a blockage or tension. Acupuncture, following its principle of releasing the flow of life energy, helps the body to release stagnation and reduce pain.

Shoulder pain is triggered due to several causes, such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, shoulder surgery, tendonitis and bursitis. It is one of the most common problems, which is often difficult to relieve completely. Each of these complications is different. Acupuncture points out the cause of pain, which is then addressed by inserting stainless steel needles into the connecting meridians.  Acupuncture, for long, has been advocated as one of the most effective treatments for pain management, which includes shoulder pain. There is enough anecdotal evidence to support the purpose and effectiveness of acupuncture for shoulder pain.

shoulder painThe Benefits of Acupuncture Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture for shoulder pain is an extensive course of treatment that focuses on lessening inflammation, reducing pain and improving the flow of blood throughout the body. Acupuncture also excels at effectively treating the most chronic and persistent pain caused by injuries, which normally do not respond well to Western and conventional medicine.

When the fine, tiny, pre-sterilized needles are inserted in various parts of the body, it stimulates the release of opioids or pain killing chemicals, along with adenosine (a natural painkiller containing anti-inflammatory properties).  This creates the overall healing effect. Of late, new methods of acupuncture treatments have been developed, such as distal treatments (at a distance from the painful areas), which helps to achieve proper results without causing pain or additional discomfort. As painful areas are difficult to address, this transverse mechanism often works effectively.

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