Acupuncture Pregnancy

Acupuncture pregnancy is now becoming an ideal form of treatment even for pregnant women. This treatment offered for a variety of conditions does not make use of any drugs and can provide relief for symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, tiredness and anxiety and lower back pains. A pregnant woman’s quality of life is improved and serious health conditions can be avoided.

Midwife setting pregnant woman acupuncture needleAcupuncture Pregnancy Treatment

Acupuncture as a complementary therapy is safe to be administered to pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy.  Only qualified and certified practitioners should be allowed to treat you. Acupuncture pregnancy is a holistic acupuncture pregnancy treatment.  It is designed to be a personalized one, because every pregnancy is different. Each session aims to promote the health of both the mother and the baby through preventive care and also to manage health issues as they occur during pregnancy.

The other symptoms that can be treated with acupuncture, in addition to those mentioned above, include preparation for labor, breech baby position and shortening of labor period. Complementary treatments may be provided by skilled acupuncturists if in case pregnancy complications do happen.

When Do You Start Seeing an Acupuncturist and How Often Should You Be Treated

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, seeing an acupuncture practitioner as soon as possible is a good idea. This will help in tempering some common first trimester symptoms such as morning sickness.  If you are healthy in your pregnancy, your acupuncture sessions may only be done every two weeks or as a tune up once a month. You can be sure that everything is going on smoothly and in balance.

If you have had a miscarriage or two in the past, have more treatment sessions, especially when you are in your first trimester itself. You need to be cared for and given the support that you need to keep your body healthy and strong during your pregnancy. In about the 37th week, the lady should be prepared for labor, at this time your practitioner may recommend treatments done more often.

Stress is one factor that pregnant women need to manage in all the stages of their pregnancy, including labour and delivery.  Acupuncture pregnancy can minimize this issue significantly during these times.

Do You Need Acupuncture Even After You Have Delivered?

Yes. It is important that you are provided with after care to combat fatigue and depression that are commonly experienced after delivery. You will be helped to recover and regain the strength that you need as you enter the world of motherhood.

Finding a Qualified Acupuncture Pregnancy Practitioner

Those who have years of graduate level education and got licensed as acupuncturists are professional practitioners to whom you should go. We are a certified acupuncture clinic in Singapore. Come to us and we’ll take you into a whole new world of acupuncture and we’ll teach you to manage your pregnancy and labour pains better. So come today to our clinic and get healed the holistic way and enjoy your pregnancy, instead of finding it burdensome!

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