Acupuncture Hyperhidrosis

Acupuncture is one traditional Chinese remedy that helps with different types of health complications, including embarrassing sweating. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a cause of distress everywhere. Affecting a lot of people, this condition can also be cured with acupuncture.

Acupuncture Hyperhidrosis treatment is essential for people who sweat beyond control. An extremely successful course of treatment, acupuncture can help the body to maintain its balance and harmony, in order to ensure that less sweating is caused. In course of treatment, the mechanism of sweating is considered a key factor that identifies disharmony affecting the body. Sweat is identified as a fundamental substance, as per Chinese medicine. It has been studied in-depth. Whereas sweating disorders are generally treated with drugs and surgery, it would be wise to know that there are alternatives to invasive and risky procedures. Acupuncture is one.

Acupuncture ProstatitisHow does Acupuncture work for Hyperhidrosis?

Acupuncture Hyperhidrosis treatment is profound, soothing and comforting. Using small, solid metallic needles, acupuncturists can perform this treatment as per the requirement of a patient. People experience the sensations differently, but mostly it is not painful. This treatment is mainly focused on releasing blocked energy in the meridians, or channels, of the body to bring back harmony and balance. Placement of needles is one of the most important steps involved in performing acupuncture.

In case of hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excess production of sweat or perspiration, it is necessary to cool down the body. Primary hyperhidrosis is caused due to overreaction of the sweat glands due to changes in body temperature and related factors. Hyperhidrosis often affects the palms, feet, underarms and the whole body. Likewise, secondary hyperhidrosis may be caused due to panic attack, an overactive thyroid gland, anxiety disorder, menopause, obesity and some cancers. Regardless of the cause, Acupuncture Hyperhidrosis treatment can ensure complete healing and no side effects.

Acupuncture points for Hyperhidrosis

Acupuncture follows the principle of custom treatment; it is specific to a patient and diagnosis. Acupuncture, or any other Chinese method of treatment for that matter, does not treat symptoms. Using acupuncture, it is possible to evaluate the situation of a person and plan a course of treatment addressing all the issues. The technique is often used for directly affecting an already overactive sympathetic nervous system that can be the cause of excessive sweating, or other conditions.

Acupuncture, in one way, is also a great relief for anxiety and stress, which often exacerbate or trigger problems related to sweating profusely.

One of the key benefits of acupuncture is the fact that it offers a safer alternative remedy to medical or conventional treatments. It doesn’t expose a patient to drug, chemicals or surgery. Patients with hyperhidrosis are often exposed to stronger chemicals present in antiperspirants and have risks of side effects as well. In some extreme cases, surgery is recommended to stop the overactive sympathetic nerve functions. Such treatments are unpleasant and harmful, while acupuncture is safe and beneficial. Acupuncture will not only address the cause of hyperhidrosis but it will also give one time solution. In addition, it relieves stress and promotes calmness.

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