Woman In Menopause

Acupuncture Hot Flashes

Undergoing menopause gives women one of the most uncomfortable symptoms: hot flashes. It is sometimes also known as hot flushes.  A woman may feel heat suddenly over her entire body or parts of it. Redness may appear on the face and neck and red blotches on her chest, back and arms.  She may also experience cold shivers and heavy sweating. The rigours of hot flashes may vary from one woman to another, but they can often cause a feeling of uneasiness.  During daytime, a woman may experience up to 20 hot flashes and at night time, its occurrences may cause chronic insomnia.

Acupuncture and Hot Flashes

Many studies have been done on how acupuncture can reduce the severity and regularity of hot flashes in women.  The methods used in the study and the results, were published in journals such as Acupuncture in Medicine and Menopause. The research involved around 900 women between ages 40 to 60, all going through menopause. The result showed that the severity and frequency of hot flashes were reduced after the women were treated with acupuncture. Additionally, the positive effect lasted for 3 months regardless of the doses, duration and number of sessions done on them.

The exact reasons for the healing effects of acupuncture on women, who are undergoing menopause is yet unknown and more expansive studies are needed to be done. However, the team of researchers theorizes that the severity of hot flashes can be reduced with the help of acupuncture treatment. It is because acupuncture treatment helps to boost the production of endorphins. Endorphins cause the stabilization of the body temperature.

 Acupuncture Is More Preferred Over Hormone Therapy

Hot flashes are a menopause symptom that is most dreaded by women, so more and more of them are willing to try anything, so that they can get rid of this and also mood swings. In some clinics, acupuncture is already a part of their treatment that is standard for patients who want to be treated for hot flashes.

 The studies done on the effect of acupuncture on hot flashes were only small-scale and it was said that additional investigation might be needed. However, the researchers have concluded that acupuncture could really minimize hot flashes. They also suggested that more women prefer to use acupuncture over the hormone replacement therapy in finding relief for this type of menopausal symptom. These women might be unable or unwilling to have hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone therapy is the standard treatment for hot flashes.  It uses medication that contains progesterone or estrogen, but taking this may put women at risk of strokes, cancer, heart disease and other health conditions.

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