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Acupuncture Prostatitis

Acupuncture practitioners have a firm belief that the body has a source of energy force, also known as Qi. Traditional Chinese Medicine and its principles are based on the function and flow of Qi, which is basically the flow of energy or life force. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that acupuncture can unblock this Qi to release the flow of healthy sources of energy throughout the body. As a matter of fact, the treatment aims to restore an overall energetic and healthy flow of energy or Chi in the body.

For a condition like Prostatitis, acupuncture needles are inserted into precise and strategic points on the skin. These points are known as meridians. Each of these meridians is the channel, acupuncture point or acupoint, which will be unblocked to ensure uninterrupted flow of life force throughout the body. As these meridians usually run very close to the surface of the skin, it isn’t required to insert the needles very deep into the tissue. The channels or meridians, correspond to particular parts of the body or system like the nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic or Musculoskeletal system, to trigger action.

At our centre, we look in to the condition of a patient, note the medical history and recommend proper treatment for the condition. In case of men with acute Prostatitis, we have customized acupuncture treatment to give them quick relief from their condition.

How Does Acupuncture Prostatitis’s Treatment Works?

acupuncture2-300x195Acupuncture treatment for prostatitis is based on certain principles. As with other conditions, acupuncture mainly emphasizes on the total number of meridians or channels, located all through the body. Your vital energy or Qi or life force, is flowing through these primary meridians.

During the treatment, acupuncturists insert super-fine needles into acu-points (or specific points) along the channels, which helps free all blockages in the Qi and facilitates healing. For prostatitis treatment, these meridians are typically located in the sacrum, lower abdomen, legs and lower back. The needles are used to perfection, to make sure energy is channelized properly throughout the body.

The total number of needles used for treating prostatitis may vary depending on the symptoms and conditions of a patient. Usually, acupuncture treatment is customized and individualized to make it more effective. In addition, the number of acupuncture sessions required for long-lasting results may also vary. But, typically men require 1 or 2 treatment every week.

We work with our skilled acupuncture therapists to perform customized acupuncture treatment for our patients. We promise you painless and safe treatment that will cure prostatitis and give you complete relief.

Acupuncture ProstatitisThe Benefits of Acupuncture Prostatitis

According to a study, 10 weeks of prolonged acupuncture treatment, given twice every week, has resulted in 75 percent improvement in symptoms of prostatitis for men. We believe that it is possible to treat every patient completely and relieve them of their symptoms, for the rest of their lives. Acupuncture also improves the tendency to avoid problems, which is very common in patients with prostatitis. Another important point to be noted about this method of treatment is that it improves prostatitis in patients over a period of time and not immediately.

Acupuncture also targets infections, which leads to prostatitis in men. When the acu-points are triggered by inserting needles, it helps in releasing obstructions and blockages from the nervous system, to relieve all the symptoms. For effective acupuncture treatment, the pattern of imbalance or disharmony in the body has to be identified. Patterns are the source of qualifying and quantifying illnesses in the Chinese medical practice. There are different names given to different patterns, which help acupuncturists to determine the direct correlation and the exact course of treatment. Using pattern diagnosis, acupuncturists dictate the course of treatment and restore the overall balance in patients.

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