Acupuncture is one of the most integral parts of traditional Chinese medicine, also called TCM. It has been used for over thousands of years. Mainly, acupuncture was considered a treatment practice in the ancient times in China, Korea and Japan. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine maintains the Qi, or energy, flows through our body along pathways, known as meridians. All these meridians naturally correspond to all the organs in the body that have both physical as well as energetic properties.

The source of energy, or Qi, pools at some specific spots in the body along the meridians that are further stimulated using needle, electrical current or massage. Acupuncture aims to improve the flow of Qi throughout the body so that it flows evenly. However, there may be instances of deficiency or stagnation at times or there could increase flow of Qi as well. By stimulating those specific points, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is possible to restore health and harmony. We are a reputable acupuncture treatment centre in Singapore, bringing to you some of the finest treatments available. For nerve pain, acupuncture works effectively to improve the condition of damaged nerves and restores their functions. The specific acupuncture points stimulate the damaged nerves that cause pain, to unblock them, and promote healing.

Bulging Disc Degeneration - Spine problemHow does the treatment works?

Nerve pain is normally caused by nerve damage. Now, damaged nerves can be a variable condition, which can cause numbness, pain, loss of motion, tingling sensation and many more problems.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, nerve damage may be caused due to various reasons based on the symptoms. Mostly, it is wind, dampness, cold and phlegm that cause nerve pain. At our Acupuncture-Sg clinic, we aim to understand the root cause of nerve pain before we begin treatment. Different patients come to us with different conditions and corresponding complications. It is very important to address the condition and get down to its roots. Basically, healing with acupuncture begins when the root cause is correctly analyzed and identified.

When the nerve fibers are damaged as a result of some kind of injury or otherwise, they tend to send wrong signals, which cause nerve pain. Bone injuries, herniated discs, certain diseases and medications can cause neuropathic pain in people. There comes a time when the nervous system breaks down completely to cause pain. This is the time when the damaged nerves start firing, thus increasing sensitivity of the nerves. We are a team of reputable acupuncture treatment specialists and we understand the cause of this pain and its initiating point. With our extensive treatment options, we go deep down into the cause of the problem and heal it.

The Benefits

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine, acupuncture has certain specific ways of functioning. It mainly works by stimulating tissues and nerves. Research has stated that this stimulation can boost the overall activity of the natural painkiller response of the body and even increase flow of blood. Even though Western medicine does not categorize acupuncture as another symptomatic treatment, however, if performed by licensed traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, it can literally incorporate the whole body (holistic) approach. That is, even though acupuncture is given for pain relief, there are other organs receiving the benefits of this treatment, which also gets boosted and promotes quick healing of the damaged nerves.

We believe that acupuncture can foster better healing and an overall healthy life. With our safe and effective treatments, nerve pain can be reduced and remedied completely. However, you need to come to us with belief and patience, which will help you to recover faster.

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