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Acupuncture is best defined as a traditional Chinese practice, widely used as an alternative healing technique today. Acupuncture is a term that describes a wide variety of procedures. Each of these procedures involves the stimulation of the anatomical points in our body with the help of these techniques. Definition of acupuncture clearly entails the involvement of skin penetration using thin, metallic, sterilized needles that will be manipulated using both hands or with the help of electrical stimulation techniques.

The procedure of acupuncture has been designed for releasing blocked sources of energy and addressing all kinds of imbalances affecting the body. These imbalances are primarily responsible for causing illnesses. Today, acupuncture is a widely accepted method of treatment that is also widely accepted in the West.

Theory of Acupuncture

The theory of acupuncture emphasizes on the principle of life force or chi, also called qi. When the male and female aspects of our body, called yin and yang, are balanced, the life force or qi, is also in balance. Thereby, it allows smooth flow of qi throughout the body along the meridians, also called channels. When a person is unhealthy or ill, it suggests that the system is imbalanced or obstructed.

During acupuncture sessions, patients are explained about the procedure and how it is going to improve their health. Trained acupuncturists will perform the procedure by inserting needles at corresponding meridians depending on the pain or ailment a person is suffering from. Once the needles are inserted, acupuncturists will manipulate them using their hands in twisted motions, heated and cooled, gently vibrated or even electrified.

After each session of acupuncture, patients are expected to feel invigorated and highly relaxed. However, results may vary from one patient to another depending on their condition and session. It often takes several sessions for a patient to be fit and fine completely. Acupuncture, unlike the popular belief, is not painful. In order to ensure that your sessions are productive, choose a licensed and certified acupuncturist.

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