Acupuncture Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is surprisingly one of the most common conditions affecting over 76.5 million Americans. While some people suffer from severe pain, others complain of disabling and chronic sensations. When treatment for chronic pain is concerned, there are plenty of pain-killers and other drugs like NSAIDs that may offer relief. However, in the long run, you require a therapy to keep your pain in control. Acupuncture Chronic Pain is that therapy, which can give you relief.

Acupuncture is an effective choice for various health problems, and particularly pain. According to a study, researchers concluded saying that acupuncture has excellent effect in reducing all kinds of chronic pain, which includes headache and back pain, than any standard method of pain treatment. As per research, real acupuncture is slightly more effective than other therapies, which also suggests that the method of needling is working.

Robust Acupuncture Effects on Chronic Pain

Because acupuncture is a Chinese practice with years of history in healing therapy, researchers have taken keen interest in this subject. By various standardized methods, it has been finally found that Acupuncture Chronic Pain treatment has various robust benefits in soothing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Deep Tissue MassageMajor Components of Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

As you know, the ancient science of acupuncture in Chinese medical practice has its roots that are dated back to several thousand years. As per Eastern beliefs, the body is a whole, or cohesive unit, and a complex system where everything is inter-connected. Each body part is related; when one part is affected, others are simultaneously disturbed.

One of the major components in the body is the acceptance of Qi, or the invisible flow of life force, energy. Energy circulating in the body through meridians is the cause of our well-being. When energetic deficiencies or blocks occur within these meridians, imbalance is caused, which leads to ripple effect and physical symptoms. When needles are inserted into the strategic points along specific meridians for chronic pain, it stimulates sluggish Qi, disperses blockages, or manipulates Qi flow in the body.

It is due to an imbalance within the bio-energetic system, including nutrients and blood flow, that becomes a precursor to diseases. The body exhibits varied symptoms when a person suffers from internal diseases. If not rebalanced, such symptoms can cause chronic or acute illnesses of different kinds.

Contrary to Western allopathic treatment, Chinese medicine doesn’t treat symptoms. Instead, it seeks to identify the origin, or root cause, or imbalances producing symptoms. Another major benefit of acupuncture for chronic pain is that, unlike other methods of treatment, it is remarkably safer with fewer side effects.

Traditionally, Chinese therapies have been used for all kinds of treatment. In various Asian cultures, acupuncture is used in the same way as other treatments. However, it is only recently that the acupuncture has been well researched and so many benefits of this treatment have been found. Especially in case of chronic pain, pain management and pain relief, acupuncture is the most sought-after alternative therapy that gives promising result.

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