Acupuncture for Children

Acupuncture is a relatively safer alternative therapy, which is also used for children. In various countries, however, acupuncture has not been used for children very often. The reason is very simple – younger ones are afraid of those needles that go into the skin. But, there are many recent studies, which clearly suggest that the fear can also be overcome and children can actually benefit from this treatment for specific conditions. Pediatric acupuncture is evolving as a concept and recent studies reveal that it can be very effective for treating stomachache, headache, backache and other complaints. At our clinic, delicate children acupuncture treatment is a specialty, which has gained popularity. We offer the most efficient methods of treatment that can relieve health problems in kids.

We have appointed some trained acupuncturists in our clinic to handle kids, since they are more sensitive. It often takes a lot of understanding as well as finesse, to handle children for acupuncture. Parents are usually alright with the entire process, but children have to be coached and mentored. More and more parents are gradually turning to acupuncture these days because they believe that it is a natural and safer approach to a new range of pediatric care. It mainly emphasizes on treating signs and symptoms of a particular condition and stimulates the body to heal and restore its natural resilience.

How does Acupuncture for Children’s treatment works?

Young male with acupuncture needles in backPediatric acupuncture is much safer than parents think. Modern delicate children acupuncture treatment is done with the help of painless methods and non-needle techniques of treatment. This actually prevents children from being exposed to those fine needles that could otherwise make them tensed and agitated.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, children and adults are different and unique in their own ways. As a result, their complications and treatment also have to be different and customized. Sometimes, there are some generic western methods of treatment that may fail to address some challenges faced by children and their parents when health hazards occur.

The use of acupuncture in pediatric healthcare has gradually mirrored the technique and its increasing popularity with adults. There are several studies that have proven the benefits and effectiveness of acupuncture with adults. Likewise, acupuncture also helps children.

In acupuncture treatment, local, global or regional points of the body are selected for achieving positive effects. It is possible for trained acupuncturists to stimulate the points so that the body is balanced and pain is reduced. At our AcupuntureSg treatment Centre, we help our young patients in many ways by making their course of treatment easier and comfortable. Acupuncture for children is carried out by inserting needles gently into the skin or through laser stimulation techniques. In some cases, we may also use electrical stimulation. Acupressure or gentle massages of the vital points are often helpful.

The Benefits of Acupuncture for Children

childrenMost people believe that acupuncture is mainly used for pain relief, which is untrue. The method is such that it encourages the release of certain hormones too, such as endorphins, which works as natural painkiller for the body. Acupuncture also helps children by curing certain issues like sleep problems, joint and bone pain, anxiety, fatigue, headache, allergies, asthma etc.

Acupuncture cannot replace traditional medical techniques; however, it can be an equally effective complementary treatment that can treat many conditions in children. Especially when it comes to children, acupuncture is effective in calming their spirit and promoting an overall sense of relaxation in the body. It can also reduce sinus pressure. It could be a great aid for ear aches and teething problems in toddlers and young ones. Most importantly, acupuncture improves the flow of blood and keeps immunity at its optimum.

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