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Acupuncture Atrial Fibrillation

Acupuncture is a typical method of treatment that has been practiced since a very long time in China and other parts of Asia. Basically, it is a branch of Chinese Medicine that encompasses different methods of healing dating back to more than thousands of years. At its very core, Chinese medicine is a practice and notion that depends on energy or life force, also called qi. It is believed that qi flows throughout the body through energy channels, pathways or meridians within the body. Each meridian has corresponding organs or even groups of organs, which govern certain bodily functions. It is very important to achieve proper qi flow in the body in order to maintain good health, vitality and wellness. It is this Qi that helps in maintaining a dynamic balance of the male and female forces – yin and yang – that are complementary opposites of one another. Acupuncture atrial fibrillation treatment is also carried out by following the same principle.

How does the treatment works?

Atrial fibrillation is a typical form of arrhythmia, which occurs when the electric signals in the heart become erratic and they cause the atria to contract irregularly and rapidly. Due to this, there is an obstruction in the smooth flow of energy and blood into the ventricles of the heart, which causes blood to start pooling in the atria. This, in turn, increases the risk of developing stroke or a blood clot. Acupuncture atrial fibrillation techniques are beneficial as it helps in maintaining balance and harmony in the body, while opening up the channels that cause obstruction.

Acupuncture is an unique procedure that stimulates various acu-points on the body with the help of needles that will be inserted manually. Studies have shown that acupuncture can be effective in treating many conditions and reduce recurrence rates too, even in case of arrhythmias. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulates the Neiguan spot for treating palpitations. Each patient is evaluated depending on their condition and a course of acupuncture treatment is determined. Depending on the treatment plan it will be possible to reduce the risk of persistent atrial fibrillation in patients.

Acupuncture, when applied on the Xinshu and Neiguan points, help in stabilizing and modulating the autonomic nervous system. Stimulating the Shenmen point, which is also a vital acupuncture point, leaves a sedative and calming effect on a patient’s cardiac excitability. Depending on the condition, patients may be recommended several weekly sessions for quick healing.

acupuncture500The Benefits

Atrial fibrillation has become a common case of clinical arrhythmia, which also represents a potential economic and social problem. There has been a steady growth in the total number of patients suffering from this disease and it is likely to grow. However, with acupuncture atrial fibrillation, it is possible to improve the rate of survival in several cases of cardiac diseases as well as non-cardiac conditions. Patients suffering from atrial fibrillation are usually symptomatic and it is a condition associated commonly with increased mortality. With acupuncture, it is possible to open up the blockages in the body to promote quick healing and maintain the harmony and balance of the body.

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