Acupuncture for Acne 

Acupuncture is one of the most sought-after alternative treatments that can cure your acne. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have treated several cases of heath and skin effectively. Acupuncture, as a form of treatment, stimulates specific points along the body through the skin using very thin needles. Traditional acupuncture entails needle insertion, cupping therapy, and moxibustion. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating some specific points in the body can correct imbalances in the energy (Qi) flow of the body through channels called meridians. Following this technique, acupuncture has successfully treated wide range of complications, though mainly to relieve pain. Acupuncture acne involves effective treatments that can cure the cause of acne and prevent eruptions. We have been doing it as a regular practice at our clinic, especially for young men and women. 

How does the treatment works?

acupuncture acneAccording to Western medical science, pimples and acne are caused as a result of clogged or plugged hair follicles. Oils, dead skin cells and makeup on the skin get mixed together and create plugs within the follicles. However, acupuncture theory is different. The cause of acne, according to acupuncture perspective, are dampness, toxins and heat building up on the skin to cause acne, blackheads and pimples. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne is caused as a result of poor diet, hormonal changes, emotions and various lifestyle factors.

Irrespective of the paradigm used to understand the symptoms and causes of acne, its effects cannot be understated. Acne can appear on the face, back, neck and shoulders, as we have seen in case of most of our clients. Having these lesions causes immense stress for them. Our treatment aims to release stress by unblocking the meridians to heal acne.

Going back to the basics, the root cause of any problem is the imbalance of Qi in the body. Ancient acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners believe that it is possible to stimulate those points to bring back the balance required for healing the skin. Acne is caused by major hormonal changes. Treating the acupuncture points on specific meridians that regulate the menstrual cycle in females is the best way to eradicate this problem. In case of males, it is important to regulate their testosterone levels, which is possible with acupuncture.

For treating acne, the liver also plays a crucial role. Imagine how hard your liver has to work to eliminate toxins from the body. The liver takes immense amount of stress every day. It is very important to regulate the amount of heart in the liver to maintain balance. We aim at all these vital points during the course of acupuncture acne treatment to make sure the result is comprehensive.

For acupuncture acne, there are two methods followed by acupuncturists – hormone balancing acupuncture and ear acupuncture (auricular therapy). In fact, acupuncture of the ear has been discovered as one of the most helpful treatments for regulating the body’s overall internal structures, functions and organs. Hormone balancing acupuncture, on the other hand, uses some herbs along with acupuncture.

 Acupuncture for Hormonal Acne, The Benefits

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne outbreaks are the result of a disharmony in the natural order of the body. Heat accumulation is considered a traditional cause of pimples and acne outbreaks. Acupuncture treatments are aimed at targeting the root cause of heat accumulation in the body, which is also identified as an effective remedy for clearing up acne and preventing recurrence. With a series of therapeutic sessions with us, you will gradually notice visible changes and reduced acne lesions on the face. Over time, you will also see that your acne does not return, something that most of us dread.

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